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Spousal / Child / Parent Sponsorship

One of the guiding principles behind Canada’s immigration policy is to keep families together. The broad Family Class stream of immigration includes a number of pathways to permanent residency. As is the case in any immigration application, there is some work to be done, but Shimen Fallah can help you decide which one is the right program for you. And while there can never be a guarantee that your application will be successful, our experts will work with you to ensure that you are presenting the strongest application possible.

The Family Class stream for immigration

The Family Class stream for immigration to Canada is broad and inviting. As mentioned, one of the main objectives of Canada’s overall immigration vision to assist with the reunification of families here. In one program in particular, The Spouse or Common-Law Partner in Canada Class, the objective is keeping a family united when already here in Canada. If you think that you and your partner might qualify for a Spousal Sponsorship application for immigration to Canada, please feel free to contact the team of experts at Shimen Fallah.

Spousal Sponsorship is available under 2 distinct scenarios:

To legally married spouses and common-law partners currently residing with an eligible sponsor inside Canada,
To legally married spouses, common-law partners, and conjugal partners living outside of Canada.

*Please note that there are instances where it may make very good sense to apply outside of Canada even if the sponsor’s spouse or common law partner is currently living in Canada.

The different sponsorship and immigration application processes are unique and particular, and it is strongly recommended that an experienced immigration professional is consulted to help you determine your best pathway forward. Any error or missed deadline could result in processing delays, or worse, rejection of your application. Let Shimen Fallah help you present the strongest application possible!

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Shimen Fallah is a well-respected and reliable professional who specializes in delivering exceptional Canadian citizenship services. With extensive experience and a team of highly skilled immigration experts, Shimen Fallah guides individuals through the intricate process of obtaining Canadian citizenship. Whether you are a permanent resident looking to take the next step or an aspiring newcomer, Shimen Fallah offers comprehensive support to help you navigate the complex immigration requirements, ensuring a smooth and successful application process. Their commitment to excellence and dedication to client satisfaction make Shimen Fallah a top choice for those seeking Canadian citizenship, turning dreams of a new life in Canada into a reality.

Discover Frequently Asked Questions from Our Support

Generally speaking, as an individual applicant, you would need approximately $15,500 CAD to immigrate to Canada. Couples would need around $21,000 CAD while families with children will require between $25,000 to $30,000 CAD.
For settlement funds, if you select a dollar amount inferior to the required funds, you be automatically found ineligible. However, if you are already in Canada under a temporary work permit, or if you have a valid job offer, you do not need to have the required minimum funds.
Information from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) shows that they reject around 30% of study visa applications. Even if you get your student visa, there are rules you still need to follow to maintain your status as an international student.

Eligible sponsors must: be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. be at least 18 years old. live in Canada, or plan to return to Canada once your spouse or partner becomes a permanent resident of Canada.

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